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LPTexas Platform


I believe everyone has the right to buy, sell, own, and carry any weapon at their own discretion. The government, especially the Federal Government, should have absolutely no say in this. I would veto any bill that has any rule, law or regulation against the right to defend yourself. In addition, I will use the 10th Amendment to keep the federal government out of Texans rights to defend themselves.


I believe Texans have the right to buy, sell, grow, and use cannabis at their own discretion. The government should have absolutely no say in this. I also believe all drug related convictions should be overturned. The drug war is very costly and an absolute failure. End it!


I believe property taxes should be eliminated and all other taxes need to be reduced as quickly as possible all the way down to zero. If a service is good enough, people will support it, it should not require force.


I believe that people have the right to freely travel or become Texans as they see fit. The worst thing we can do for immigration is have the government involved. To fix the immigration problem you need to get government out of the way. End the war on drugs and end the incentives that people come here for. When you have government controlling the border you will have them smuggling weapons, drugs and our money to other countries.


I believe Texans have a right to become energy independent. No government involvement.


I believe all Texans have an equal right to marriage. The government has no business being involved.


I believe Texans have the right to determine for themselves how and where their children are educated. Education should be privatized, the government should be completely out of education. Homeschooling should be 100% unregulated.


I myself am pro life, I do not agree with abortion. However, the worst thing we can do is involve government regulation. The government should only come up with free market ideas and solutions to fix the abortion issue. I would like to make it easier for families to adopt, churches and nonprofit organizations should become more involved.


I believe Texans have the right to determine for themselves how they will pay for healthcare services. No Texan should ever be forced to pay for someone else's health care service. This should be strictly between the doctor and the patient.