I have something to get off my chest.

We all make mistakes - let's learn from them.

I have something to get off my chest. Let me lay it all right out there for you.

Seven years ago, I composed a Tweet to an NFL football player that was very hateful and harsh. Many of you that know me looked at me a little funny when you found out I said something of that magnitude - something so ugly. I used the N word and wished harm on someone and that is not who I am, especially not today.

I want to sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions that day. That is something that I regret saying 100%. You will never find another mistake like that from me from my past or ever again.

If you think that makes me a racist, please stop and do your homework. I grew up in East Arlington right off New York and Arkansas. Go ask anybody - my best friends were Asian, Hispanics, and Blacks. I had girlfriends from all walks of life. I have that same diversity on my campaign now. I have been holding police accountable, sitting with Kaepernick, and screaming for justice before it was cool. I marched side by side with all walks of life in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas for more police accountability. I was doing Open Carry walks with all walks of life and even trying to get the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to roll with me. My wife is from Guatemala, her parents are immigrants as is most her family, my kids are half Hispanic, and I am proud as hell. I am unapologetically openly open borders. I have friends who are gay and some who are transgender. I don't have hate towards anyone at all.

I am a lover, I love people. I made a mistake. I choose to man up and admit it, tell people about it, let people know this is an example of who NOT to be. I want you to look at what I have done since then - that is the person I want people to see.

Please forgive me for my mistake. I whole heartedly assure you it will never happen again.

With unfettered sincerity,
Kory Watkins
Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, and Candidate for Texas Governor