Call For Unity in the Libertarian Party

We Are Not One Another's Enemies!

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We are at a point where we could potentially change the way we live our lives and how generations to come will live their lives here in Texas.

In order to do so, we must look at every single person in this party and realize we are all different. We may not all agree on the same thing or how to get to the end result but that is okay; that is normal.

Nobody is perfect, including myself, we all make mistakes in life, again including myself. It's how we deal with the adversity and overcome it that makes us who we are. If you point the finger and judge someone of wrongdoing without looking at yourself in the mirror first, is that not hypocritical? We must change the way society looks at people who have made mistakes - instead of casting spells on them, we should be lifting them up to become a better person alongside them.

Libertarians, I urge that we start lifting one another up and loving each other. This is the only way we can change the world. I truly believe that. It does no good for us as a group to name call and argue. We must find ways to seek higher ground and respect one another’s differences. I see division in great movements all the time and it kills it. We can't let that happen to us – we have far too much to lose in doing so.

As a group we have so many great minds, so much passion and leadership. If we are using all of that force and momentum in a positive matter to promote the cause of freedom, we are unstoppable. The only thing keeping us from achieving more, at this point, is ourselves.

Whoever my opponent(s) may be I will lift them up, as I will all Libertarians. We are a team. I don't want to fight my own team; it's counterproductive. I can disagree with someone, stand on principle and still love that person at the end of the day. We must be a unified front as we are already working an uphill battle as a third party. We will fail miserably if we remain divided and are continuously ridiculing each other with negativity.

The time is now to unify as a group, move forward and respect one another’s differences. Be loyal, open and honest, care about each other, and love each other! I am ready to help make the Libertarian Party a force to be reckoned with here in Texas. This can't be done without your help. We must not wait for LPTexas to help us -we must start asking what we can do for LPTexas and do so with positive energy and with the passion and fervor I see in each of us. The government here in Texas is out of control and, unless our undivided attention is seeking to break it down, it will only continue to build up.

Libertarians, I urge you to unify and direct your energy towards the real problem at hand - the every growing government, not your fellow Libertarians. I send this message with much respect and love, hoping for unity.

With Love,
Kory Watkins
Candidate for the Libertarian Party of Texas Nomination for Governor