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Facilitating accountable governance and advancing libertarian ideals


What guides my decisions when governing? The Non-Agression Principle - the belief that force may only be used when aggressed against.

Firearms freedoms

I believe everyone has the right to buy, sell, own, and carry any weapon at their own discretion. The government, especially the Federal Government, should have absolutely no say in this.


I believe that the responsibility to represent the constituents takes precedence over special interests, even the interests of the State.

Cannabis freedom

I believe Texans have the right to buy, sell, grow, and use cannabis at their own discretion. The government should have absolutely no say in this.


My highest priority is to maintain an open dialogue with the public, and to advance transparency at all levels of government.

Tax reform

I believe property taxes should be eliminated and all other taxes need to be reduced as quickly as possible all the way down to zero. If a service is good enough, people will support it. Good ideas don't require force.

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